Repair services of Sony’s PlayStation 2 close in Japan


Electronic giants Sony has finally ended its repair service for the PS2.

The PlayStation 2 was first introduced in the market 18 years back and it has since been replaced by its predecessors PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

It was in March 2000 that the PlayStation 2 was first released in Japan.

PS2 still remains as the best-selling gaming console ever to be produced.

In 2012, six years after the PS3 console was released, Sony decided to stop the production of the PS2.

Sony said that they were running out of replacement parts for PS2 and hence were not able to offer repairs.

Sony in a statement thanked the customers for their “continued patronage”.

PS2 have ben sold more than 150 million consoles.

PS4 the latest model of PlayStation was sold more than 80 million units.

Microsofts’s Xbox One, the straight rival to Sony never reports its sales figures. But HIS Markit, a consultancy firm estimated that more than 40 million consoles of Microsoft have been sold.

Sony had earlier this year stopped the production of its popular PS3 as well.