PoemPortarait: App that Turns your Selfies into Poetry

Internet is flooded with weird experiments, and Google’s experiments always come out on top. Google, which often uses artificial intelligence to grab the eyeballs, has revealed PoemPortraits as a way for users to merge their selfies with AI-generated poetry. It is a unique app, worthy to spend some of your time on.

Google’s latest AI art project knowns as PoemPortrait is a web app that asks for a word of your suggestion and combines it with your selfie to generate a ‘poem portrait’. Use it like an Instagram face filter, consisting of a few lines of AI-created poetry written all over your face.

How it works?

To get one, head to Arts Experiments with Google, and click ‘Begin’. You will be then asked to give any word of your choice, after which AI will create a poem for you.

After that, you will be asked access for your phone camera, which will capture a ‘portrait’ of you in the app. For iPhone users, Safari browser can be used to get your very own poem portrait.

The PoemPortrait app has been created by coder Ross Godwin, artist Es Devlin and Google’s Arts & Culture Lab. At the time of creating your poem portrait, while the app is showing stuff in the background, a small trivia will pop up, telling you that the app’s creators fed countless 19th-century poems with over 25 million words in a deep learning neural network!