Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed with These Tips

Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed with These Tips

Do you have any issues with your Wi-Fi Speed? If so, you’re not the only one. Numerous wireless networks may experience sluggishness or momentary failure. This subpar performance impacts your productivity.

Although there isn’t a magic formula for Wi-Fi speed, the following hints and techniques might help your network run more smoothly.

Pick a Prominent Location

The finest signal reception throughout your building may be found in central spots. If the router or connection point is on the first level of a building with two stories, put it high up on a shelf to give devices on the upper floor a better signal.

Replace the Antenna on Your Router

Omnidirectional router antennas often transmit in all directions. Therefore, placing a router close to an exterior wall broadcasts 50% of your Wi-Fi signals outside. However, most routers come with detachable antennae. You may direct the Wi-Fi signal of the router in any direction by swapping the omnidirectional antenna for a high-gain antenna.

Cut Down on Wi-Fi Interference

Operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz is 802.11g (wireless-G), the most widely used wireless technology. This frequency is used by various wireless equipment, including cordless phones, microwaves, and garage door openers. Therefore, the signal noise could obstruct the communication between the device and router.

Purchase cordless phones and other gadgets that operate on 5.8 GHz and 900 MHz bands to decrease noise. These higher GHz devices could result in less network interference because 802.11n (wireless-N) runs at 2.4 GHz and the lesser frequently utilized 5.0 GHz frequencies.

Change the Wi-Fi Card-Based Network Adapter in Your Device

Signals from and to the computer are sent across a wireless network. The antennas of wireless networking-capable devices are generally quite good. However, there are occasions when the router may broadcast to the device. Still, your gadget is unable to respond to signals.

You may fix this problem by switching to a USB Wi-Fi network adapter that utilizes an external antenna from a card-based Wi-Fi network adapter.

Install a Wi-Fi Repeater

Wireless repeaters are practical gadgets that broadcast a Wi-Fi signal, boosting it from your network to other floors or the other side of a building. You may put one anywhere there is an outlet, but try to choose spots midway between the device and your router or access point.

Before purchasing one of these goods, do some research. Some wireless repeaters might be challenging to set up and negatively impact the performance of your network.

Modify Wi-Fi Channel

Wireless routers have a variety of channels on which they may transmit. If you have interference, try adjusting the Wi-Fi router’s channels using the router’s settings page. You can often access this page by opening the web browser and putting the IP address in the search bar.

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